7 Steps for Table Styling

  • 7 Steps for Table Styling 2

For more than three decades we have dedicated ourselves to manufacturing outstanding tableware and beautiful table scapes. Today we will share with you how you can create your own setting, in seven easy steps!

  1. Color

Decide the main tones you’d like to use and work from there. It can be set by the tablecloth, the porcelain pattern, the plants you want to layout.

  1. Moodboard

Form a mental or actual collection of images to will help you visualize and fuel your inspiration.

  1. Porcelain

The pattern and style of your plates, platters and bowls come in to become the main character here, make use of your beautiful pieces! When out of ideas, just take a look at our Table Collections [link].

  1. Cutlery

Silver or golden, classic or modern, these will translate the mood. Ideally these match with the color of the porcelain.

  1. Glass

Water and wine glasses, which can be clear, colored or engraved, should be placed next to the plates. Add coasters if needed.

  1. Accessories [Link Complements]

Adding plants is always a great idea! Spread them on the table, over a napkin or on a big vase (as a centerpiece). Flowers or leafy plants work great! Be bold with color or minimal with simple touches.

  1. Creativity

Play around with mixing and matching, colors, plants, accessories! Add and remove as you build in the “tablescape” and until you feel happy with the overall look.


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