23rd of June

International Day of Women in Engineering

  • Dia Internacional da Mulher na Engenharia 0

Today is the International Day of Women in Engineering.


At Porcel, we currently have three women working in the areas of engineering. Luísa Ramos is responsible for Quality Environment and Health, Susana Tiago is responsible for Research and Development and our newest colleague, Rita Oliveira, presently part of the Research and Development Department.


Despite being from different generations, the three engineers share a common interest for the exact sciences.


Luísa has always felt captivated by the industry, Susana early on grasped the idea of working with different materials, while Rita realized pretty young that chemistry “is present in every aspect of our lives”.


They agree that their professional journey was been both demanding and positive.


According to them, setbacks and challenges are inherently linked to their profession, making it essential to manage unexpected situations and look for innovative solutions, as every obstacle is a new learning and growing opportunity.


When we asked them if they had any advice for those starting in the field of engineering, especially in the industry, they tell us that it is crucial to be curious, have team spirit and be open to exchange knowledge. Additionally, Luísa Ramos reinforces the idea that “we are capable of everything we set our minds to”.


We gladly thank the three of them for chatting with us about their experience and for all the excellent work they carry out every day at Porcel.

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