Porcel in the Portuguese Embassy in Greece

  • Porcel in the Portuguese Embassy in Greece 2

Porcel crossed borders alongside AICEP and its Made in Portugal Naturally initiative.


In collaboration with the Portuguese Embassy in Greece, AICEP organizes a series of luncheons, with the purpose of getting Portuguese brands and products known. The 10 guests present in each of these events are opinion leaders and eminent individuals in each of their areas, opening up doors for Portuguese brands in the Greek market.


Porcel was represented by Blue Legacy and Adamastor, two beautiful collections inspired in Portuguese culture and tradition. Besides being an accurate depiction of our country, these sets also feature the color blue, an important element in a Greek table setting.


It is truly a pleasure for Porcel to be part of this initiative, launching on October of 2020 and prolonged until the first semester of 2021.

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