19th Nov 2021

Porcel's 34th Anniversary

  • Porcel

The 19th of November is Porcel’s anniversary!


It was on this date, which is also the birthday of our founder Eng. Adolfo Roque, that in 1987 we marked the beginning of what would be a prestigious porcelain brand and manufacturer. This year, we offered our colleagues a porcelain badge, as a way to celebrate one more year as “Porcelain Tailors”.


Throughout the years, Porcel kept its pioneering essence and ideals of flexibility, accuracy, innovation and team spirit. Always maintaining our brand identity, we wrote more than three decades of history, during which we adapted to market trends, and reinvented ourselves along the way.


Thank you for being part of our journey, we hope to have you by our side for the “chapters” to come!

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