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Focused on a sustainable growth  

Porcel S.A. aims to be a "reference in the conception of porcelain solutions", based on a growth strategy established on Innovation and Flexibility.

Quality, Environment and Safety are integrated into the company strategy, with a commitment to adopt a management model that, in a balanced way, considers the economic, social and environmental preservation areas.

The set policy aims at maintaining the Environment and Quality Management System, according to NP EN ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015. It also complies with the following principles:

  • To promote pollution prevention through the management of environmental impacts and minimal waste, rational use of water and all raw materials;
  • Ensure compliance with legislation, regulations and other requirements on Quality and Environment;
  • Provide professional development and motivate employees, matching their skills to the roles they play, based on the core values: Innovation, Flexibility, Accuracy and Team Spirit;
  • Maintain and ensure continuous improvement by setting goals with periodic measure of results focused on improving the effectiveness of the management system;
  • Contribute to sustainable development, meeting the needs and exceeding expectations;
  • Involve employees, suppliers and service providers, in the principles and commitments outlined above.

In short: to produce more and better with less effort!


The President
Ana Luisa Roque (Dr.)
Issue 6, 02-03-2012



If you want to know other significant environmental information of our activity, please contact our Quality, Environment and Safety Department, through email at qualidade@porcel.pt


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    Porcel Administration has always been focused on a policy of sustainable growth.

    In order to aim at sustainability the company management system is built under the 4 principles listed below:

  • Economicaly attainable

    Each manufacturing activity is ruled under the concept of “doing it right at first”.

    Prevention, planning and operations control are key to grow productivity. 100% visual inspection and self-control of each piece are associated with indicators that provide relevant information during production offering a better understanding of how to improve the process. A good management of work environment and an updated and preventive maintenance of spaces are essential to act whenever needed.

  • Ecologically correct

    Every day Porcel makes efforts to reduce significant environmental impacts. Residual management is focused on the production strategy of reducing, separating and recycling residual waste. The handling of chemical products is done based on the technical and security information provided by suppliers, the same chemicals are stored in retention basins to reduce possible spilling impact. Good management of water resources is also relevant to improve sustainability.

    Water caption is not exhaustive and is compensated treated water coming from our ETAR used for minor industrial activities such as washes, toilets and garden watering.

    Emergency response is periodically done with tests where the response to our Emergency Plan is put to test. This plan contemplates the diversity of resources available at the company such as fire extinguishers, emergency kits, support teams and individual emergency procedures for each situation including exterior disasters and personal accidents.

    Following all legal procedures is essential for correct management of environment, product and market.

  • Socially fair

    Porcel management provides professional development and motivation to staff through workspace and classroom tutorials allowing to accommodate skills with their specific activities. Keeping staff healthy is another concern and Porcel provides medical support and healing medicine to all workers.

    The management of human resources is done based on respect for each worker and equality of opportunities.

  • Culturally accepted

    Porcel is known for being a “good neighbour” with our surrounding gardens and trees but mostly with the active participation in regional events – sports, institutional, solidarity and others. This is also visible for the inexistence of complaints from exterior entities.

  • Final notes

    The above principles are what allow the Administration to sail the course of the company on a sustainable path, aiming to grow both in competiveness and offering value.

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