Quality and Environment

Water and Clay Reuse Cicles

At Porcel, minimizing water waste and leftover residue are a priority, to reduce their environmental impact we implemented cycles along the production process: Wasted Water Cycle and -        Clay Shavings Cycle.

At the factory we have a water treatment plant that allows us to daily reuse water from the production line. After being processed on our ETAR, this water is specially piped to different specific uses such as washing pavements, toilet discharges or even watering our garden. We consider Water to be an essential good and that we should save and with this cycle we are also invested in preserving groundwater.

Moreover, along the production, the shaping stage collects an amount of shavings (pieces of raw clay) , these pieces of dry clay are separated by type at the clay preparation section to be clean and processed to then return to the process. With this practice we guarantee a sustainable manufacture and the reduction of wasted residues.


To know more about our manufacturing process visit our website at porcel.com/en/production-process/

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